Do you take the photos used on your blog?
Yes! In addition to being a fearless cook, I am a photography ninja. :)

You misspell words by inserting a "u" where it shouldn't be. Why?
I am Canadian, therefore, I embrace the "u" and use it where it ought to be.

Are you Italian?
No, I'm not. The subtitle of my blog is inspired by a lovely woman, Maria, who treats me as though I am her granddaughter. When I go visit her she invariably loads up the kitchen table with uber-yummy food and loudly commands in her heavy Italian accent, "Eat! EAT!!" while flailing her arms around for emphasis. It's hilarious. LOL

Many of your posts are ended with "5:00". What does it mean?
I will tell you what it doesn't mean - it is not a reference to "It is 5:00 somewhere!" It is just a happy reminder for myself. :)

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